Glucose syrups can either be integrated in the mass or used as coating of the cereals. Thanks to the high-maltose-content glucose syrups in the GLUCOR and H-MALTOR ranges, conservation and texture are improved; the products are indeed more crusty.

Furthermore, these glucose syrups give a more attractive coloration and, when used for coating, give a lovely shine to the cereals.

Wheat proteins

Incorporating vital gluten increases the protein ratio in order to improve nutritional qualities. It also helps to bind mineral or vitamin compounds with the cereals and to preserve the finished product. We recommend the use of hydrolysed gluten if the dough is hard to work during the kneading process.


This is the wheat germ, in the heart of the wheat grain, which is carefully extracted. Fresh wheat germ is naturally rich in vitamins, iron, zinc, magnesium … It is used after heat stabilisation in order to guarantee its conservation, either as such or incorporated into dietetic foods.