AAF becomes Starch Europe

We are delighted to announce that, as of today 15 October 2014, the European Starch Industry Association, formerly known as AAF, is rebranding to become Starch Europe. With the advent of a new Parliament and a new Commission, we feel that the new brand name more clearly reflects the industry we represent.

The colours signify the crucial link the industry fulfills between the EU agricultural raw materials we process and the food, feed and industrial customers we serve. The infinite shape represents the industry’s resilience. Reference to starch extraction dates back to 4000 BC and the sector has been constantly innovating and adapting to its customers needs since centuries. We have every intention of continuing to do so. We like it. We hope you do.  

With the name change, we are also changing our web address to www.starch.eu and our e-mail addresses as follows:

Main e-mail address: info@starch.eu

Mr Jamie Fortescue: jamie.fortescue@starch.eu
Mrs Juliette Jacques: juliette.jacques@starch.eu
Mr Guglielmo Adinolfi : guglielmo.adinolfi@starch.eu
Mr Loïc Gruson: loic.gruson@starch.eu
Mrs Claire Grosbois: claire.grosbois@starch.eu
Mrs Véronique Deridder : veronique.deridder@starch.eu

Our postal address and telephone numbers will not change.