Proteins Biscuits



In the production of biscuits, to add GBS P51 grants a greater proteins contents.

The addition GBS-P51 between 0.1 and 0.6% also reduces the restraint and ovalisation.

Incorporating GBS-P51 hydrolysed wheat gluten improves the creaminess of fat matter and ensures a better rising of cakes, pound or genoise cakes when baking.

Vital wheat gluten has unique visco-elastic properties. It provides hydration, tolerance, consistency and elasticity to the dough. It noticeably increases flour-kneading resistance. Its gas-retention capacity provides a controlled volume expansion and improves the texture. Its coagulating properties during the cooking process improve the stiffness of the finished product and a smoother feeling in the mouth.

GBS-P51 hydrolysed wheat gluten improves dough hydration, suppleness and workability, and a shorter resting time. It also provides an advantage for flaky pastries and gives mellowness to the finished product.