Our commitments

At the level of our planet, there are many stakes and challenges in relation with sustainable global warming, water resource, biodiversity or respect for human rights.

Our company, because of its activity has a responsibility in in front of this stakes.


Environment & Safety

Environment & Safety policy

CHAMTOR has always been aware of the potential impact of its industrial activities on its environment and on the health and safety of its collaborators. Our company endeavours to prevent any source of pollution, accident - incident and to control environment and health & safety hazards.

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Corporate citizenship

In its sustainable development process, CHAMTOR is involved in the process of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).
Beyond the ISO 14001 certification of its environmental management system and its adhesion to the global programme «Responsible Care» led by the Chemical Industry, for CHAMTOR, sustainable development represents a citizen commitment.

In practice this means:

  • An active R&D policy for a better use of all the wheat components in order to ensure its perenity,
  • A strong implication in the regional socio-economic network to enhance its influence.
  • A sensible water management, the control of its energy consumption and a high awareness of the pollution hazards linked to waste and effluents in order to reduce its environmental impact.

CHAMTOR has implemented a dynamic and participative social policy for all its collaborators. Aware of its role with young people, CHAMTOR promotes vocational training via apprenticeship internships and professionalization contracts by accepting training and apprentices every year.

Within this framework, CHAMTOR has been working on the preparation of an ethical charter and will formalise its precise commitments in terms of corporate responsibility before assessing its progress.




The traceability

CHAMTOR makes a commitment on the traceability resting on its agricultural upstream for its supply in wheat.
Our factory, transforms wheat cultivated exclusively in Champagne-Ardenne and in Picardy about 60 km around our site.
To know more about it : FRENCH WHEAT