What about Chamtor ?

Part of the ADM Group, created in 1992 by farming partners, the CHAMTOR plant is located in France, in the heart of the Champagne Ardenne region. It transforms and processes only regional wheat and is an important player in the transformation of cereals into starch-based products.


Its 200 collaborators work 24/7 in the processing of 450,000 tons of wheat per year. CHAMTOR has an annual sales turnover of 155 M€, half of which for export.

CHAMTOR forwards starch ingredients of high quality standard in the whole world, from its production site, an ideal location to deliver our European clients



Our core business: from wheat, high quality ingredients from natural origin

CHAMTOR transforms and processes wheat produced on its territory, Champagne-Ardenne / Picardie regions, into ingredients by means of an enzymatic hydrolysis process of the starch contained in the wheat grain.

Focused on our customer

From the purchasing of our raw material, wheat, to the delivery in your installations, our collaborators are mobilized for producing and sending quality ingredients.
 Availability and reactivity are the key-words for our specialist team dedicated to technical applications.
Our competencies are the optimization of technical settings for a better effectiveness when using our products, native starch or glucose.