CHAMTOR transforms and processes wheat produced on its territory, Champagne-Ardenne / Picardie regions, into ingredients by means of an enzymatic hydrolysis process of the starch contained in the wheat grain.


Produced from wheat, they are all natural ingredients.



CHAMTOR has developed a real expertise in contract engineering to help its clients in order to ensure its prices, its supplies and the respect of its commitments. The aim of these innovative solutions is to limit your raw materials risks through different types of contracts

A secure supply
You get the control of your purchasing price
Safety and a possible saving on the average of your contract
Safe contract and the possibility to take advantage of a drop in market prices




Availability and reactivity are the key-words for our specialist team dedicated to technical applications.
Our competencies are the optimisation of technical settings for a better effectiveness when using our products, native starch or glucose.



To meet our clients’ expectations, over 40 transport contractors and 17 washing stations, referenced according to a strict protocol and regularly audited guarantee the compliance with food safety standards, delivery times and product traceability.
7 tankers are specifically dedicated to glucose syrup transport.